Leaked documents show that McDonald’s are about to drop a Dutch Stroopwafel Mcflurry and everyone is losing it

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As anyone who has a sweet tooth will agree, anything that includes both ice cream and stroopwafels on the same plate is basically guaranteed to be delicious. If you throw McDonald’s into the mix, the picture transforms from seriously exciting to genuinely drool worthy. Fortunately for dessert fans ever, the idea of two classic puds uniting under the golden arches is about to become reality.

A series of documents leaked to the media suggest that this summer will rank among the most exciting ever for Maccies fans, with the news that the chain is planning to introduce several of its highly sought after and iconic international favourites to restaurants across America. The documents reveal that the business will add four “Worldwide Favourites” to their menus, starting in early June. Among them will be the beloved Dutch treat, the “Stroopwafel McFlurry”.

The flavour, which up until now has been available exclusively in the Netherlands, features a vanilla McFlurry topped with added caramel waffle cookies — known as “stroopwafels” — and lashings of caramel sauce. While traditional stroopwafels are typically enjoyed alongside a hot drink or by themselves, the McFlurry combination has already earned legendary status among those who have been lucky enough to sample one.

The news was greeted with almost unprecedented enthusiasm by the Twittersphere, from both McDonald’s fans and detractors alike. One wrote how the Stroopwafel McFlurry might be the thing to persuade him to return to the restaurant after 10 years away, while another concluded that the “Stroopwafel McFlurry sounds divine.” Reddit was equally excited, with one user writing, “Stroopwafel McFlurry could be a game changer.” This was supported by another commentator, who added, “It is… I’ve had it.”

Although the Stroopwafel McFlurry has certainly stolen the headlines, it isn’t the only exciting announcement that the business let slip. Also included as part of the new release will be the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger – a fresh-beef quarter-pounder topped with McBacon sauce, bacon, Gouda cheese and onions – as well as the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich and Cheesy Bacon Fries. The Grand McExtreme, originally from Spain, seems to be a particular fan favourite, having been already tested successfully in Florida in 2018.

Ordinarily, changes to beloved menus can mean a backlash from disappointed customers who feel like they may be missing out on some of their favourite foods for the sake of something new. In the case of the Stroopwafel McFlurry however, it looks like the reverse may well be true. If the droves of giddy people taking to the internet are anything to go by, this new addition may well set an exciting new precedent for fast food releases. Let’s hope that it can live up to the hype.