Lidl has just launched marshmallow-flavoured beer

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Thanks to the extravagant creative streak in every modern brewery, the world is no stranger to weird-tasting booze. Just last year, our biggest and most baffling story revolved around shampoo-coloured “Unicorn Gin”, proving that we’ve come a long way from the days of mystery moonshine. Things are now equally mysterious, just for a different reason. 

Even with the whole foodscape in total chaos, 2020 shows no sign of slowing down the odd alcohol trend. In fact, unusual booze is now so prevalent that you only have to head to your local supermarket to give something seriously strange a try for yourself. Case in point, the latest creation on offer at Lidl. 

Credit: Lidl

Part of the supermarket’s new Craft Beer Festival range, customers can now get a taste of sticky sweet “marshmallow milk” stout for just £1.69. Replacing the rich, bitter flavour of the original drink, the new bottle still packs a punch with 7.4% ABV, proving that just because something is bright pink doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. 

Try this tasty Chocolate Marshmallow French Toast:

According to the official product description on the Lidl online store:

“Chocolate and vanilla with a subtle roasted coffee aroma and sweetness come together in this Marshmallow Milk Stout from Barney’s Beer.

“The flavours of deconstructed marshmallow roasted on an open fire is thanks to the use of lactose for a smooth, creamy sweetness and vanilla for that distinctive roasted marshmallow taste.”

Credit: Lidl

If that description doesn’t get you excited for beer that tastes like licking a leftover hot chocolate mug, there are other options available. Also included in Lidl’s craft beer range are Disco Forklift Truck Mango Pale Ale, Frute Shute Amplitude and Whitstable Bay Ruby Ale. Whatever your preferences, you should have plenty of unusual options available.