Lidl is now selling giant tomahawk steaks, ideal for barbecue season

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As any passionate griller knows all too well, summer hasn’t really started until you’ve loaded up the fridge with an artery-clogging amount of meat. Even if you’re ordinarily the sort of person who is partial to a salad and a smoothie, living under a constant, soporific, sunny blanket makes it almost impossible to resist a serving of something roasted, charred and fleshy. 


Unfortunately, most barbecues – at least in Britain – regularly fail to meet our lofty culinary expectations. Despite an abundance of adverts featuring juicy burgers and succulent strands of pulled pork, you’re much more likely to spend your Saturday desperately trying to keep your fire going as you prod a rapidly greying sliver of cheap sirloin than actually enjoying something tasty. Unless, that is, you happen to shop at Lidl. 

To celebrate the all too fleeting Great British summer, everyone’s favourite spendthrift supermarket have decided to up the barbie ante. New for 2019, Lidl has decided to unveil a giant, dry-aged, British beef tomahawk steak, ideal for when you want your griddle to have a serious visual impact. 


Sitting on a massive 8-inch bone for added flavour, the tomahawks weigh anywhere between 800g and 1.2kg, making them the ultimate centrepiece for any summertime celebration. Despite looking like they were carved out of the ribcage of a recently deceased dinosaur, the enormous steaks are actually extremely affordable, retailing at just £14.99 per kilo. 


Incredibly, Lidl’s new tomahawks aren’t the only giant addition to supermarket shelves this summer. Apparently worried about the effect that their rival’s product will have on the marketplace, alternative retailer Aldi have re-released their own highly sought after tomahawk steaks, undercutting their competitor’s with a £12.99 price tag. Time will well which proves the more popular, but it’s clearly a good time to be British beef fan.