Lotus is launching chocolate bars stuffed with Biscoff spread and crunchy biscuits

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Say what you like about the confectionery industry’s heaviest hitters, but few of them can match the track record of Biscoff. The Belgian biscuit-makers have a history of coming up with delicious things to do with their signature treat, making every new announcement a near guarantee of something awesome. Now, it seems, they’ve done it again. 

In the company’s biannual statement, Biscoff revealed plans for a new duo of delicious-sounding chocolate bars, both scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year. Set to be initially available in Belgium, this news might herald the start of a surprising Brussels tourist boom. We’ll see you there. 

According to the brand, the two new treat varieties will feature either a creamy filling made from Biscoff spread, or a centre studded with nuggets of Biscoff biscuit. Whatever your textural preferences, it looks like there will be something delicious for you.


In the statement itself, Biscoff declared:

“The unique Biscoff taste forms the basis for a specially developed new range of Lotus Biscoff chocolate.

“Following the recent launch of both the Biscoff Sandwich Cookie and the new international range of Biscoff Ice Cream, the next Biscoff innovation will be launched in the second half of the year,”

“The range will consist of two varieties: milk chocolate with crunchy Biscoff pieces and milk chocolate with smooth Biscoff spread filling. Both varieties will be available as bars and in a mini version.”


Instagrammer snack.je shed even more light on the situation, adding: 

“Together with the Lotus chocolate bars, Lotus will release these 11 piece 165 gram bags with one serving chocolates inside. The chocolates will weigh 15 grams and are packed separately. The estimated retail price is between 5 and 7,50 euros and will also be available around autumn, in Belgium. ⁠


“The big chocolate bars will weigh a whopping 180 grams, so they will definitely be bigger and heavier than the usual European bar chocolate bars, that weighs around 100 grams. The estimated retail value for the 180g chocolate bars is between 2 and 5 euros.”

Whichever way you spin it, it’s a good time to be a Lotus fan.