Man proposes to his girlfriend using a box of McNuggets

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Everyone has their own interpretation of the quintessential romantic dinner. For some, it might involve wine and steak haché overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Others might prefer a simple bowl of noodle soup, served on a bamboo flotilla as you gently drift down the mighty Mekong river. Not many, however, would have a box of chicken nuggets eaten in a clinically-lit local McDonald’s at the top of their most amorous locations. But, as the old idiom goes, each unto their own. 

Proving that, when it comes to love, small matters like food are really of no consequence, a mysterious man has been revealed to have used McNuggets as an integral part of his extremely successful proposal plan. 

According to a story shared to Facebook group “That’s it, I’m Proposal Shaming”, the man made the decision “on a whim”, much to the delight of his happy, if slightly baffled wife. 

As the woman who shared the story explained, the proposal itself was much more spontaneous than carefully strategised. As she put it:

“Alright… I’ve laughed at many proposals with the rest of you all. It’s time I give back. I present you with my chicken nugget proposal.”

“My husband, bless his heart, decided on a whim that he wanted to get me a ring and present it in the cutest way that he could possibly think of in a span of 20 minutes.”

Watch As A Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In KFC:

“I was taking a nap when he left, where he went to Walmart and then McDonald’s while on the phone with my best friend to received aid in this feat and when he arrived and woke me up I was still extremely sleepy. But he knew I couldn’t resist nugs.”

“I opened the box and saw the black box inside (closed then) I said, ‘What the **** kind of sauce is this?”

“And then opened the box and went, ‘Oh my god. Is this an engagement ring?’ And the rest is history.” 

Doubtless, there will be some naysayers who question the wisdom of storing your wedding ring alongside breaded chicken, and others who would rather live off a diet of infamous pink goo than accept a proposal of this nature. These people need to look beyond the surface of the story. Where the heart is concerned, little things the menu and presentation are essentially irrelevant. Love is, as they say, blind. In this case, it also happens to pair extremely well with barbecue sauce.