McDonald’s are giving away 1¢ Big Macs all week

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In exciting news for anyone who resents paying over the odds for ground beef and industrial buns, one of the world’s biggest fast food franchises has pledged to make an iconic budget burger even more affordable than it was before. For one week only, starting from September 30th, McDonald’s will be offering customers the chance to buy a Big Mac for just 1¢. As if we needed an excuse to stuff ourselves with mysterious sauce and pickles.

The new deal, which unfortunately is an exclusively American event, has been created in conjunction with food delivery service DoorDash. The offer has been described as DoorDash’s “biggest giveaway to date” by publishers Thrillist, proving that if you want to do something truly remarkable with fast food, McDonald’s is still the best way to make a big splash. 

The promotion itself will offer any customers ordering through DoorDash the opportunity to pick up one of 1 million 1¢ Big Macs between now and October 4th. In addition to the heavily discounted sandwiches, anyone who takes part in the promotion will also be in with a chance to win $1 million – as if anyone needed extra incentive to grab cheap beef.

Watch The Video To Learn How To Make A Giant Quesadilla Big Mac:

In a statement discussing the promotion, DoorDash VP of Business Development, Toby Espinosa, said:

“Since rolling out our national partnership with McDonald’s in July, we’ve been blown away by the excitement and demand from our customers. When thinking of how we could celebrate the nationwide rollout of McDelivery through DoorDash, we knew we had to go BIG. We’re so excited to offer 1 million of our customers a 1 cent Big Mac and a chance to win $1M dollars.”

Taking part in the competition couldn’t be more straightforward – provided you order your food through DoorDash, all you have to do is enter the code “1MBIGMAC” at check out. Though there is no order minimum, it’s important to note that there’s only one code allowed per person, so the chances of winning the cash are literally one in a million. Still, you’ve got to be in it to win it.