McDonald’s has added ‘Doughnut Balls’ with hot fudge sauce to the menu

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are many reasons for the average skittish fast food fan to avoid Australia. The last thing you want when you’re trying to devour a chicken burger is to worry about accidentally sitting on a redback, or tempting in a curious man-eating crocodile. However, once you get past the horrors of the natural world, it turns out that Down Under holds a wealth of tasty treats that put the Northern Hemisphere to shame. 

Like many far-flung colonies of the mighty Maccies empire, Australia seems to specialise in unusual twists on the ‘traditional’ McDonald’s menu. Talk to Twisted Co-Head and now vegetarian convert Harry Bamber about his time in Oz, and he will happily wax lyrical for several minutes about the chain’s highly coveted and Australia-exclusive BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that Australian McDonald’s has added another delicious-sounding dish to its collection. 

Credit: McDonald’s

According to multiple reports, the business behemoth has introduced new $2 cinnamon-coated ‘Doughnut Balls’ across its restaurants in New South Wales. Served with a decadently syrupy rich fudge for an extra $1.50 sauce, the bite-sized desserts have already been available in New Zealand for some time, though this is the first time that they’ve made the leap across the Tasman Sea. 

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Despite the usual fanfare that typically accompanies an exciting new McDonald’s release, the new doughnut balls were actually introduced as a secret menu item. However, despite the sticky sweet surreptitiousness, it did not take long for fans to figure out that the dessert was here and totally delicious. 

Predictably for a dish that combines two of the tastiest things on the dessert menu, reaction to the dish has been pretty much universally positive. As per, one person wrote on Facebook, “Doughnut Balls from Maccas. I’ve died and gone to heaven,” while another added, “Did anyone else know you could get Doughnut Balls from McDonald’s? Today is a good day!”

Unfortunately, as international travel has been made significantly more complicated for the foreseeable future, the rest of us may have to wait a while to try this tempting combination. We can only hope that the powers that be have a heart and decide to let the rest of us have a taste of the hot fudge action.