McDonald’s has finally added Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese to its UK menu

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s might be best known for a burger with “big” in the title, but they haven’t always been the first name in giant fast food. Connoisseurs could argue that franchises like Burger King and KFC have done a whole lot more to cater to customers with a serious appetite, with their respective lineups of Whoppers and buckets. Thankfully, however, the golden arches seem to have finally seen the light. 

According to multiple reports, McDonald’s are planning to make a dramatic to their British menus and to one iconic burger in particular. As of August 7th, customers will have the option of doubling up the chain’s legendary Quarter Pounders, delivering double the beef and twice the cheese. Finally, the Big Mac isn’t the only option for hungry fast food fans. 

A report in the Daily Mirror appears to confirm that the sandwich will be available for £4.29 by itself or £5.79. This represents a serious saving, given that customers were previously forced to construct the burger themselves for a whopping £6.98. However, it’s not all good news, since the paper also report that the Double Quarter Pounder will only be available for around seven weeks as part of a limited time offer. 

Though there will be many British McDonald’s fans for whom news of the Double Quarter Pounder is a welcome surprise, older customers will remember that the sandwich was not always an absentee. Double Quarter Pounders were actually axed from British and Irish menus eight years ago and, despite remaining a staple in the United States, this promotion represents the first time that they have been officially available for the best part of a decade. With any luck, this short trial could turn into something more permanent. 

The “new” burger isn’t the only exciting option to be returning to McDonald’s menus this summer. The Daily Mirror also report that Twix and Mars McFlurries will also be making a comeback, although these will only be available until September 24th. Whichever way you spin it, it’s certainly a good time to sniff out a special offer at McDonald’s.