McDonald’s is giving away free breakfast items all week

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Whether you’re travelling on the weekend or on your morning commute to work on a weekday, McDonald’s breakfast is the kind of treat that can keep you going once in a while. You could be struggling with a hangover from a poorly-timed night out or just looking for a little boost on a Monday morning, but a quick bite can be exactly what you need at the time.

On the other hand, trying to keep the costs down means little trips like this can mount up, and it may be best to just grab a bowl of cereal or eat some toast before you head out to work. Luckily enough, there are some ways to make the most out of your money – and one of these deals is going to make these morning breakfast runs more appealing… at least for the next week.

The UK side of the fast food chain is now offering one item off its breakfast menu for free – and all you have to do is buy a hot drink. If you pop down and grab a hot cup of tea or a coffee, you can come away with one of their cheesy bacon flatbreads without being charged any more than the small cost of the beverage.

If you want to jump on the offer, you’ll need to get the McDonald’s app first. Once you’ve got that installed, head to one of the chains before 10:30am between Monday and Sunday this week (8th-14th April), where you can order it to pick up without even needing to queue up.

The one downside is that anyone hoping to use the drive-thru option won’t get a chance, as you need to actually head inside – but if you time it right it’ll take no time at all. It can be claimed for collection, a takeaway, or even table service in any of the UK’s McDonald’s restaurants.

You’ll also have to sign up and make an account to use the app – so make sure to do it in advance if you don’t want to be in a rush.These flatbreads were first introduced two years ago, and they’ve quickly become a favourite alongside the classic McMuffins on offer.

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Normally, these flatbreads cost £1.39, and if you head to the hot drink menu you can get the cheapest option (an espresso) for just 79p, or a tea for 99p.

You can only get one of these free per person, so you’ve got to pick which day you’ll be extra in need of a breakfast to kickstart your day.