McDonald’s is launching a new Indian chicken burger with naan bread as the bun

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s a brave business that decides to mess with a burger bun. Even though fast food franchises have made a fortune by stuffing all manner of weird ingredients inside bread, relatively few of them have had the cojones to play around with the classic combo of bap and sesame seeds. This year, however, McDonald’s has decided to run the gauntlet and take a leap into the doughy unknown. 

As part of their annual “Great Tastes” promotion, the Golden Arches are offering customers an exotic twist on their traditional sandwich formula. Their new “Indian Chicken” burger features two chicken selects, a smear of “Indian style” relish, garlic mayo, red onion, lettuce and cucumber. But, despite the intriguing and ambiguous-sounding ingredients list, it’s the garlic naan bread bun that really steals the show. 

From the looks of things, the new naan baps will provide more of a flat bread-like finish than an ordinary bun. Weighing in at around 590 calories, the sandwich is slightly more heavy-duty than Maccies’ traditional chicken alternative, but that may be due to the wealth of toppings, as well as the change of bread. Retailing at £4.19 for an individual sandwich or £5.89 as a medium meal, it certainly sounds like a more premium choice. 

While the addition of naan bread to the menu is bonafide breaking news, it’s not the only exciting development to come out of the McDonald’s kitchen. As part of the “Great Tastes of The World” promotion, the business will also be serving five other limited edition sandwiches to lucky British customers. 

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The new range includes The French Stack, The Canadian Stack with maple BBQ sauce, The Swiss Stack with Emmental Cheese Sauce, The Italian Stack with pesto style mayo and The Jamaican Chicken burger with spicy jerk sauce. Even if you aren’t excited about the idea of naan burgers, there will be plenty of options to keep you interested.