McDonald’s new spicy chicken McNuggets are officially in store from today

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. For years we hoped, prayed, petitioned and pestered. And now, finally, the world’s most famous fast food franchise has listened to the people and relented. This is a cause for national celebration. This is the most exciting thing to happen to the Golden Arches since Sichuan dipping sauce. This is the news that new spicy chicken McNuggets are on sale at a Maccies near you. 

As of 1030 this morning, the new twist on a McDonald’s classic has been available in restaurants across the UK, leaving little doubt that the humble nugget deserves its place at the top of the fast food pyramid. Developed using a new, specially designed recipe, the product comes complete with a fiery Tabasco-based dipping sauce, suggesting that it delivers bite as well as bark. 

Of course, McDonald’s connoisseurs will be well aware that this UK release isn’t the first time that the franchise have unleashed spicy nuggs on their customers. The product has been trialled on menus in Asia and America, while it has become established as a permanent fixture in Australia. Here’s hoping that the new campaign spells something equally permanent for Britain. 

Although the new release will be a novel experience for many in the UK, today isn’t technically the first time that the new nuggets have been available. According to a report in LadBible, a sample was distributed to 1,000 fortunate festival-goers in Derbyshire earlier this year. Given that we’re all about to get the chance to try them, one can only assume that they went down well. 

The spicy poultry will initially be priced at £3.19 for a six pack, £3.49 for nine, or 20 for £4.99 – if you’re feeling especially peckish. Given that nugget fever is only just beginning, reviews remain few and far between. However, it seems extremely likely that this summer’s national fling is destined to be with some fiery, chilli-coated chicken bits.