McDonald’s reportedly about to add two new “spicy” chicken items to their menu

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fried chicken is a fiercely contested corner of the fast food industry. Posing the triple threat of cost efficiency, simplicity and – most importantly – deliciousness, it has infiltrated almost every chain in the business. If you aren’t serving fried chicken, you aren’t really trying. Small wonder that as soon as any major franchise announces a brand new chicken item, the whole industry sits up and takes notice.

Signalling the start of a new phase in their plan for world domination, reports from inside McDonald’s HQ suggest that the famous franchise are planning to release not one, but two new fried chicken options in the very near future. According to a report from Business Insider, a series of leaked internal documents suggest that McDonald’s are planning to launch both a “Spicy BBQ Sandwich” and “Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders” in mid-September. It’s news that will keep competitors on their toes. 

Though there has been no official word on a release date for the items, McDonald’s themselves appear to have cryptically confirmed the rumours. In an email sent to Business Insider, a company representative wrote, “Hold tight, because McDonald’s is bringing the heat starting in September.” This story has also been confirmed by Fox News.

The leak follows the widely heralded return of Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets, the news of which caused a significant stir on social media this week. Given that the Wendy’s item is scheduled for an August release, McDonald’s’ plan may take some of the gloss off what had been a resounding public relations success story for their competitors. While it remains to be seen whether the new items can achieve the cult status of Wendy’s nuggets, it looks like summer 2019 is going to be hotter than ever.