McDonald’s to extend breakfast hours in groundbreaking trial

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You know that feeling when you’re insanely hungover, head down to Maccy’s to grab a breakfast McMuffin, but it’s 10.32am so all of your dreams die?

Yup, we’re all familiar with the heartbreak of realising the time has been and gone for a McDonald’s breakfast – but all may be about to change with the arrival of an exciting trial.

The fast-food chain has announced that they are testing the extension of breakfast hours in the UK from 10.30am to 11am.

The fast-food chain has opened a tiny restaurant for bees. I wonder what time they get their McMuffin?

From Wednesday 12 June, seven of the fast-food chain’s UK restaurants will trial the extended service for six weeks to find out whether the British are really keen for that 10.59am breakfast burrito.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, all seven restaurants trialing the new timings will be in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. However, if successful, the American company will then roll out the change nationwide.

Although it’s only a difference of half an hour, the move is a big change considering the current 10.30am endpoint has been set in place for nearly 25 years now.

McDonald's hash brown Credit: Getty

The news thrilled many fans online, with Facebook user Emma Stone writing: “About bloody time! Should be an all day breakfast this day and age!! I love a McDonald’s breakfast I mean not all of us want a burger at 10.30am wayyyyy to early”.

“Omg I was saying this last week, they heard my request haha,” Emily-Florence Hilton added.

Nonetheless, it won’t please everyone, with fans of the Big Mac forced to wait an extra 30 minutes before they can get their lips around one.

In other news, McDonald’s lovers are claiming that there’s a big issue with the new paper straws.

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