Melissa McCarthy managed to smuggle 40 ham sandwiches into the Golden Globes

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Anyone who’s had to sit through hours and hours of tedious speeches knows that things can get pretty boring pretty quickly. Inevitably, the mind wanders to all sorts of other, more interesting places. Bodily functions become infinitely more noticeable. Problems you wouldn’t pay any heed to, suddenly become impossible to ignore. More often than not, hunger sets in.

Despite their glitz and glamour, the Golden Globes are no exception to this rule. Try as you might to make dozens of different celebrities sound vaguely entertaining, it’s not long before tummies start rumbling and thoughts turn to what might be for dinner. This is not helpful, particularly when you yourself might be summoned to give an impromptu address at any moment. Fortunately for the hundreds of famous faces who end up starving and miserable at the end of a long evening, this year, Melissa McCarthy came prepared.

Rather than wait for the endless plates of fancy canapés provided in the afterparty, the Bridesmaid’s star and legendary Sean Spicer impersonator decided to head hunger off at the pass. Not for her, hours of wishing Christian Bale would shut up about Dick Cheney and let them eat. McCarthy decided instead to sneak in 40 ham sandwiches to the ceremony, keeping her and her colleagues going over the course of the evening.

Speaking about her elaborate plan to Vanity Fair, after the dust had settled, McCarthy brazenly crowed that, “I’ve been handing them out to everyone,” making this probably the most successful celebrity smuggling op since Harrison Ford snuck Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness onto the Death Star.

It’s clear from the reaction of other Golden Globes guests that McCarthy’s new initiative has gone down extremely well. Jessica Chastain wondered out loud, “How did she get them in here?” before stating, “But it’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry.” Olivia Colman, who picked up an award for her portrayal of Queen Anne in “The Favourite”, even mentioned the snacks in her acceptance speech.

According to insider intel, the sandwiches themselves were sourced from local Los Angeles merchants “Joan’s on Third”, who run their own food market and restaurant business around the corner from where the ceremony takes place. One would expect McCarthy’s plan to have positive, if unintended side effects for the business.

Traditionally, dinner at the Golden Globes takes place long before the formalities of the evening begin to get under way. However, if the almost euphoric reaction of guests to the news that there might be spare ham sandwiches floating around is anything to go by, it might be time for the organisers to consider a change. Maybe interminable thank yous aren’t as important as a proper bite to eat. Fortunately for future guests, there is ray of hope. McCarthy has also announced that, “Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs.”