M&M’s is selling “Ghoul’s Mix” cookie dough that’s perfect for Halloween baking

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

With Halloween around the corner, spooky season is well and truly underway. It might only be midway through August, but the biggest names in candy have wasted no time in wheeling out their latest slate of products. Bite-sized chocolate specialists M&M’s are no exception. 

In addition to their staple selection of button-shaped colourful candies, the famous chocolate makers have apparently decided to branch out into baking. After initially launching in 2017, fan favourite “Ghoul’s Mix” cookie dough is set to be available again this year, allowing you to make your own M&M infused cookies in the comfort of your own home. 

According to the official product description on Walmart.com, the cookie dough comes in a 14oz pack, providing enough ingredients to create around 20 individual cookies. M&M’s estimate that each cookie comes in at approximately 80 calories, suggesting that they won’t be the most unhealthy option on the menu at Halloween. 

The dough itself is actually dotted with what were previously limited edition Ghoul’s Mix M&M’s, as well as Halloween-themed bat sprinkles. These particular candies come in purple, orange and green colours, making them ideal for a spooky snack selection, but they have not been available outside of the cookie dough for some time. In fact, so missed are the original Ghoul’s Mix that one avid fan has started a petition to bring them back, though at the time of writing it has only accrued 246 signatures. 

While a return of the original Ghoul’s Mix seems unlikely any time soon, this cookie dough mix can certainly help fans hit the spot. However, if anyone really can’t stand the idea of digging through cookie to get your Ghoul’s Mix, limited numbers of the original packets appear to still be available on Amazon. Whether they’re worth paying a premium for is entirely up to you.