M&M’s is planning to release a “chocolate brownie” flavour in Autumn, according to insiders

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Any announcement that M&M’s have been working on something new is always exciting, but rumour has it that we could be in for something seriously awesome this Autumn. According to new Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_, who claim to enjoy “the privilege of sourcing new and unreleased samples of junk before they become available to the general public,” the famous candy company have come up with a way to make their sweets even more indulgent, creating “fudge brownie flavour M&M’s”.

In their first post on the popular picture sharing platform, junkfoodleaks wrote, “Coming soon is a new addition to the ever-growing m&m line, and boy does this one fit right in! For starters, these M&M’s are larger in size, and resemble that of a peanut m&m, just rounder. The immediate in-mouth taste is certainly a normal m&m, but allowing them to melt a bit and moving them around in your mouth is the key to the experience.” 

Continuing their praise for the candies, junkfoodleaks added, “These chocolate candies soften up quick, and the gooey texture of a warm brownie begins to take over your taste buds. For those who love the brownie aftertaste, this is a home run — and leaves you feeling as if you had just downed an entire brownie, sans all of the calories.” 

Despite the apparently glowing praise from the influencer, junkfoodleaks did raise a few concerns about the product. Specifically, they wrote, “My only gripe is that for those who simply chew and swallow candy without letting things evolve in their mouths, they may miss some of the flavor that these things have to offer. Personally, I’d inform my audience to let these sit in your mouth for a moment or so, similar to how @halotopcreamery suggests on their lids to let the ice cream melt a bit before enjoying!”

Though it’s unclear exactly when the new sweets will be making their debut, junkfoodleaks assert that they will arrive on supermarket shelves “this fall or sooner!” For anyone who’s a fan of chocolate, brownies or both, there’s little doubt that the Autumn now promises to be more exciting than ever.