Mom slams bakery over ’embarrassing’ unicorn cake for daughter’s birthday

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A mum and her five-year-old daughter have been subjected to the ultimate edible cock-up this week after receiving a birthday cake that makes the aubergine emoji look innocent. Alexandra Schroeder was left mortified upon discovering what was meant as a magical celebratory dessert actually looked rather phallic. 

In an interview with local WILX news, Schroeder revealed that she paid Whipped Bakery a whopping $370 dollars for the phallic cake and to rent space for the birthday celebrations. She told the station that:

“The horn came out in a shape that was so embarrassing. It had finger prints on it and was not gold. I could tell that it had been handled. When I asked to see the cake pre-party before my guest arrived I was told it wasn’t finished.”

To make matters worse for Schroeder, the dodgy horn wasn’t the only issue with her order. For starters, Whipped Bakery allegedly only provided six chairs for a party of 13. When she pointed this out, staff allegedly told Schroeder that her “guests could stand” if she had any issue with the seating. 

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To cap it off, Schroeder now claims that the bakery is alleging that she trashed the building before she left and that she still owes money to the business. As she put it to WILX:

“They are now slandering me saying that I have a balance owed and I’ve paid this bakery $370. After the party the owner took it upon herself to preemptively block me from being able to leave a Facebook review.”

The bakery has reportedly responded to the outlet’s request for information with “no comment” and a declaration that the case will be handled in litigation.