M&S reveals recipe for special Colin the Caterpillar trifle

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Like sugar-mad children and stressed parents, Colin the Caterpillar has been a key ingredient in British birthday parties since forever. Even though the cake has actually only been around for 30 years, it now feels like there is no other proper way to celebrate than with a slice of thorax and maybe a white chocolate foot. 

To many people, the original iconic design is the only acceptable way to enjoy Colin. This assertion, however, may be brought into question, thanks to a major announcement from the caterpillar’s creators. To celebrate his 30th birthday, British supermarket M&S has thrown everyone a curveball, suggesting a new way to enjoy the world’s most delicious insect with a brand new Colin the Caterpillar trifle recipe. 

Posting on the official Marks & Spencer’s Facebook group, the famous retailer excitedly wrote:

“Two words: Colin. Trifle. We’ve turned our Colin the Caterpillar cake into an EPIC chocolate trifle using the NEW Mini Colin Faces in honour of his 30th birthday celebrations (you’re welcome).”

Check out this epic Chocolate chip cookie Trifle:

The recipe itself, which was included in detail as part of the post, requires six slices of Colin the Caterpillar cake, 500g chilled custard, 300g milk chocolate, broken into small pieces, 600ml of whipping cream, 300g white chocolate chunks, Jazzie sprinkles, Mini Colin faces, and a Large Colin face from the original cake. 

The final dish involves layering cake slices, chocolate mousse and white chocolate ganache in a trifle bowl, creating a seriously indulgent that captures everything we all love about the original cake design. 

Even though the recipe was only posted on Sunday, it has already proved wildly popular with M&S shoppers. The Facebook post itself has received a whopping 6,500 likes at the time of writing, as well as generating over 11,000 happy comments. It might not be traditional, but there’s little doubt that this trifle idea could prove to be a serious hit.