Mums can win free takeaways for a year to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

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If you’re struggling to sort out your present for Mother’s Day 2021, we may have the perfect solution.

Sure, you could go traditional with flowers and chocolate. But why spend all the gifting goodwill in one go?

Thanks to an incredible new offer, devoted offspring now have the chance to reward mums for everything they do with a true gesture of devotion.

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With a little bit of luck and a well-worded plea, you can now win free takeaways for a year for your mum. If there’s a better way to celebrate a big occasion, we’re yet to hear it.

Mother's Day 2021 free takeaway Here’s how you could win free takeaway for a year (Credit: Alamy/ScotStock)

Free takeaways Mother’s Day 2021

The exciting new offer comes courtesy of the takeaway delivery app FoodHub.

As part of the competition, five mothers will win £50-worth of food vouchers, delivered once a month for 12 months. These vouchers can be spent on any restaurant on the FoodHub app.

In a statement about the scheme, FoodHub spokesperson Will Chung said:

“This past year has been tough on everyone, and as restrictions were put in place, schools had to close. This resulted in parents becoming teachers and having to add home-schooling to the ever-growing list of responsibilities.

“To celebrate Mother’s Day we wanted to offer mums the chance to enjoy a yummy takeaway every month for a whole year, as mums should be celebrated all year round!

“If you’d like to nominate the mother figure in your life, whether that be your mum, grandmother, stepmother, aunt, sister or even your next door neighbour then please head to Foodhub’s social media channels to enable them to win a tasty takeaway treat.”

When it comes to celebrating mums everywhere, it’s difficult to think of a better way than free food.

FoodHub free takeaway Mother's Day 2021 The free food offer comes courtesy of FoodHub (Credit: FoodHub)

How to get free takeaway

Entering the competition couldn’t be more straightforward.

All you have to do is head to FoodHub’s social media channels and submit a story, describing why your chosen candidate deserves to be recognised. At the end of the competition, FoodHub will judge the five strongest applications and allocate the freebies accordingly.

FoodHub has made it clear that your nomination doesn’t have to be your mum – any motherly figure in your life will do. As long as you can make a compelling case in your application, no one is off the table.

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The competition ends on Mother’s Day itself, with the winners announced on Monday the 15th. Each person is only able to submit one entry across FoodHub’s channels.

Still, if come out of Mother’s Day 2021 with a year’s supply of pizza, we think that’s a big win.