Nashville restaurant’s Bloody Marys come topped with two whole fried chickens

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are hangover cures, and then there are Hangover Cures. The Bloody Mary at Nashville-based brunch spot Party Fowl is unequivocally the latter. 

If you’ve ever felt so awful a night out that the only option is to try and sample every known remedy at once, be warned. This story is about to get you very excited. 


Included as part of the restaurant’s epic “Brunch for Two” dining option, the drink truly puts the “cock” back into “cocktail”. Not only do diners get to enjoy 55 ounces of spicy, tangy tomato and vodka, but the whole concoction is topped with two entire fried chickens. Partying has finally met its match, and it’s totally delicious. 

Check out Hugh’s incredible Whole Fried Chicken recipe here:


According to the extensive and mouthwatering description on the Party Fowl website, not only does the drink include the cocktail and aforementioned chicken, but an array of sides including, “two whole scotch eggs, eight fried okra, and (a) whole avocado.”

Though the $50 drink-come-dinner is definitely the most eye-catching option, it definitely isn’t the only way that diners can nuke their hangover at Party Fowl. Being from Tenessee, “hot chicken” is a restaurant highlight, and the kitchen clearly has a flair for frying creativity. 


Included alongside more traditional hot chicken options are eggs Benedict, chicken in pancakes, chicken in French toast and chicken in a pimento omelette. If you move away from the brunch menu, the choices become even more daring. Poutines, tacos and beignets all come coated in Tenesse’s signature spicy chicken dish, proving that you don’t have to be traditional to be delicious. 


Sometimes, summoning up the courage to eat anything on a hangover can be a real challenge. But, even if it feels like your head is being stood on by an elephant, there is always hope. So long as you live within reach of Tenessee, there’s at least one option out there that can cure almost anything.