New York restaurant serves a pizza topped with 16 cheeseburgers

14 Feb 2020



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Part of the underappreciated joy of flat food is the ability to add height. A single slice of white bread is, broadly, fine. Things get infinitely more exciting when you pile it high with ham, cheese, pickles, salad and more bread. But, despite this unwritten rule of peakless dining, not all flat foods get the storey increase they deserve. Pizza is a prime example.

Although it’s obviously delicious as it is, chefs have historically been reluctant to increase a pizza’s height beyond about half an inch. This is a shame when you consider the tasty tall things that could be added to spice up a Margherita. Fortunately, not all kitchens so limited when it comes to thinking outside the topping box. 

Krave It restaurant in New York is an eatery that does everything it can to defy description. Part pizzeria, part sandwich shop, all mouthwatering, the Bayside-based business has built its reputation of the back of outrageous fast food combos and ambitiously indulgent dishes. The prime example of this is their “world-famous” cheeseburger pizza. 

Check out our recipe for a Cheeseburger Pizza:

As the unambiguous name implies, the cheeseburger pizza is a pizza topped with cheeseburgers. Unlike other restaurants, however, who might take the essence of a cheeseburger and use it as a traditional topping, Krave It cuts out the middle man, using 16 completely intact cheeseburgers as a garnish on top of a large 18-inch Sicilian-style pie. 

Each burger is filled with a fried egg, French fries, bacon and chipotle mayo, while the whole dish is only available as a “large”. When you’re ordering something as patently insane as a cheeseburger-topped pizza, moderation clearly goes straight out of the window. 

While the legendary pie is one of the most striking and instantly recognisable dishes in the entire city, it’s far from the only absurd thing on the Krave It menu. The restaurant also offers a “3-Course Pizza” featuring an appetizer of French fries and onion rings, an entree of more cheeseburgers and a dessert of fried Oreo cookies, as well as fried Reese’s peanut butter cups for pudding. 

Some negative Nellys might say that the availability of a burger-loaded pizza represents a natural endpoint for the corpulent greed of Western civilisation. These people need to stop overthinking it and bask in the glory of a dish that flies in the face of all food logic. It might be obscene, but sometimes we all need a bit of obscenity.


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