Newlywed couple head straight from their wedding to McDonald’s

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are many ways that you might decide to kickstart married life. Some people sweep each other off their feet, onto a plane and into a luxurious, beach-side hotel. Others prefer something a little more low-key: an intimate celebration between friends and family. However, as if proving that sometimes the heart just wants what it wants, it turns out that there are some couples who are prepared to forgo tradition and sack off the reception, all for the sweet relief of a Big Mac meal. 

Such a couple are fast food fanatics Reuben and Hayley Szekely. As if recognising that wedding breakfast food is almost universally terrible, the hamburgling partners in crime decided to head hunger off at the pass, leaving their ceremony to make a beeline straight for their nearest McDonald’s. Arriving in full wedding regalia, they turned every head in the restaurant as they approach the counter and asked for a cheeseburger and McNuggets. 

Understandably, the sight of a bride and groom passing under the golden arches caused quite a stir. According to the couples’ official photographer, Paula Webster Mottram:

“The staff at McDonald’s were amazing! Everyone in the restaurant had their phones out taking photos. I think we made their day! But what a fun couple. I just LOVE it when couples want to do something out of the ordinary.”

Watch As Friends Show Customers How To Score Free Food From McDonald’s:

The flamboyant entry understandably did not go unnoticed by staff. As the couple told the Manchester Evening News:

“It was absolutely packed, there were 50 people with their mobile phones out. “We went to the counter, all of the McDonald’s staff wanted to serve us. They gave us free meals. We had chicken nuggets, four cheese burgers, a mango smoothie. We had joked about doing it, saying ‘Imagine if we went to McDonald’s’.”

The happy couple, who originally hail from Clitheroe, also revealed that they will be enjoying their honeymoon in Rome in a couple of weeks time. While the romance of pizza and pasta in the eternal city might sound extraordinary, it remains to be seen whether it can live up to that first marries Maccies.