Aldi releases cream liqueur that tastes exactly like Quality Street’s Purple One

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Well, in Aldi it is.

The budget supermarket is getting ahead of the festive season and sparking some serious nostalgia with its new boozy launch.

Introducing Aldi’s Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Cream Liqueur. Need we tell you what those flavours instantly remind us of? Yup, the Quality Street Purple One, of course…

aldi ballycastle cream liqueur

Aldi’s new Ballycastle tipple is reminding people of a festive chocolate (Credit: Aldi)

According to Aldi, the new cream liqueur tastes of toasted nuts, creamy milk chocolate and rich, sweet caramel.

The drink comes from Aldi’s own alcohol brand, Ballycastle, and recently dropped alongside another exciting new flavour – Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur.

The latter is a blend of alcohol, double cream, and aromatic coffee, and is perfect for anybody who is already a fan of the vodka based cocktail.

And that’s not all. Aldi has also brought out two more festive flavours, too. You can now buy Ballycastle Chocolate and Clementine Cream Liqueur and Ballycastle White Chocolate Cream Liqueur in stores and online now.


quality street purple one

Quality Street’s Purple One has inspired the liqueur (Credit: Aldi)

A bottle of the cream liqueurs will set shoppers back just £7.49 (yup, that’s for a whole 70cl bottle).

But why stop there? If all these flavours have got you feeling Christmassy, you can even pick up Ballycastle crackers to call in the holidays.

The crackers come packed with all four liqueur flavours — White Chocolate, Chocolate & Clementine, Classic Cream, and Espresso Martini. Because, let’s face it, a mini cream liqueur bottle is far superior to a joke and a plastic nail clipper or a screwdriver, isn’t it?

Just maybe wait until Halloween is out of the way before you reach for them…

aldi ballycastle

Aldi’s new cream liqueur range is festive AF (Credit: Aldi)

In other festive news, M&S has also released its Christmas food range, and there’s a rather festive Colin the Caterpillar on offer.

In a wooly hat with snowflakes and white chocolate Christmas trees on his back, the £10 cake is the perfect way to mark the festive season.

Whilst you’re at it, you’ll wanna catch a load of the White Chocolate, Passion Fruit and Mango Snow Globe, too.

Made with layers of sponge cake and passion fruit and mango compote, as well as white chocolate and passionfruit mousse, you can shake ‘snow’ made up of desiccated coconut on top of your pud.

Anyone else think this, alongside a glass of Aldi chocolate and caramel liqueur, would be literal heaven?