Aldi is selling pigs in blankets for Easter and we’re absolutely here for it

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that pigs in blankets should only rear their heads in December. They’re a Christmas staple, after all. 

But supermarket Aldi is throwing this assumption on its head and offering up pigs in blankets for Easter. Yep, you read that right. 

Posting on Instagram, the supermarket wrote: “Leave pigs in blankets in December? No thanks.

“Make sure you’ve got some on your plate this Easter, with some Specially Selected Cauliflower Cheese for dunking – in store 14th April.”

You can buy a pack of 10 pigs In Blankets from Aldi as of Thursday, for a very reasonable £2.49. 

The choice is sure to raise some eyebrows. In fact, it has even divided the team in the Twisted office. 

Ultimately, the question is, have you chomped on too much piggy deliciousness over the festive period, or are you already gearing up for round two? 

Twisted‘s Creative Culinary Lead, Hugh Woodward told us he found the whole move “very, very odd and wrong”. 

“To have them rock up at Easter is stupid,” he says. “Shouldn’t it be rabbits wrapped in bacon or something?” 

Pigs in blankets

Will you be adding these to your Easter spread? (Credit: Alamy)

However, Twisted Green‘s Brand Lead, Mia Jacobs, said she would be into the idea (if they made a plant-based offering). 

“Why should that be confined to Christmas?,” she said. “If they were vegan I’d smash ’em.”  

Over on Instagram, the people are so far in agreement with Mia. 

One shopper replied with a simple heart-eyed emoji, whilst another tagged a mate and exclaimed: “Pigs in blankets at Easter!!” It seems they’re not mad at it…

aldi easter

Aldi have some more common Easter menu items on offer, too (Credit: Aldi)

The pigs in blankets come alongside a bunch of more traditional Easter items, including a leg of lamb and creamy dauphinoise potatoes.

And Aldi are so keen on making Easter pigs in blankets a thing that they’ve even brought back another festive favourite, too – their halloumi wrapped in bacon (£2.79).

The porky fun really never ends…

If anyone was going to try and make pigs in blankets happen it was bound to be Aldi, the very same supermarket who brought us a foot-long version over the holidays, alongside so many riff-offs of the wintry dish that we’ve frankly lost count.

But bringing them back in April might just be the supermarket’s boldest move yet. We’re into it, but are you?