Aldi is selling a portable picnic wine table and it’s genius

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It’s the season of drinking in the park with friends – but don’t you hate how impractical it can be to indulge in a glass of wine at a picnic?

Bring a plastic wine glass and it’ll almost certainly get knocked over 10 minutes into proceedings, resulting in soggy sandwiches or, worse still, a trip home to get changed.

That’s why we’re so on board with Aldi’s latest Specialbuys launch – a portable wine table. 

Seriously, there’s no other word for this except genius…

aldi specialbuys picnic range

Tell us this isn’t utterly genius… (Credit: Aldi)

The Kirkton House Picnic Wine Table is completely foldable, so you can put it in your picnic basket and bring it along with you without any hasstle.

Plus, it has specially designed slots to place your wine glass (or soft drink) and a bottle, so they can sit comfortably and enjoy a picnic without any spillages.

Game. Changer.

You can also put food and drink on the table, elevating your picnic game massively and ensuring envious looks from everyone else in the park, eating off their grassy rugs.

And the best part? The table is only £5.99. Oh, Aldi, you do spoil us.

“Light and portable, this picnic table is just what your next outdoor adventure needs,” the budget supermarket says on its side as it describes the product.

You can order the product online now, but we’d suggest being quick – as with all Specialbuys products, it will likely sell out pretty quickly…

aldi specialbuys picnic range

Aldi’s Specialbuys range is elevating our picnic game (Credit: Aldi)

It seems the Aldi design team have had a few chaotic picnics in their time, as they also launched shatter proof wine glasses (at £3.99 each). 

Plus, you can buy a whole lot more summer picnic essentials, like a drinks trug (£14.99), and a picnic hamper (£49.99), packed full of cutlery, crockery and even extra essentials like a bottle opener and napkins.

Brb, we’re off to order all of this, immediately.