Aldi is now selling 99p cider-based cocktails in 3 refreshing flavours

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It’s that time of the year where we venture out into the gorgeous sun and that brings the need for fruity drinks

There’s something about summer that just has a feel of utter joy, and maybe that’s because we get to sit outside and drinking after work seems more socially acceptable.

For those who are partial to a tipple or two in the evening, you’re going to be very excited about the latest news regarding some cocktails.

Aldi has revealed a new range of cocktails that look certain to hit the spot – and to top it off, they’re only 99p!

Aldi has released three new cocktails just in time for summer! (Credit: Aldi)

There are already 10 cocktails in the 99p range, but these new additions are sure to delight fans as they have hit the shelves just in time for summer.

All of the three new arrivals are cider-based and they feature rum, vodka, and gin… which already sounds like they’re going to hit the spot on a hot summer’s day.

For you rum lovers out there, The Old Hopking Watermelon & Lime Cider Cocktail contains spiced rum mixed with watermelon and lime cider, as the name suggests.

Aldi says that the best way to enjoy this refreshing beverage is either straight from the can or over ice with a slice of lime.

The next cocktail on offer is Stefanoff Mango & Raspberry Cider Cocktail, and this one is sure to delight anyone who enjoys a touch of vodka.

The mango and wild raspberry flavours are mixed with vodka and cider and is best served over ice with some frozen raspberries – or, once again, straight from the can.

The final new offering from Aldi is for gin lovers, as Greyson’s Cherry Rosé Cider Cocktail is on shelves to satisfy your gin needs over the warmer months.

Aldi has 10 cocktails in their range already, including passion fruit. (Credit: Aldi)

The blend of red cherry cider, fruity rosé wine, and pink gin is sure to hit the spot as you take time to enjoy the weather.

All three of the cocktails are available in store now and via click and collect, and you’re going to want to stock your fridges up for any guests you have coming over.

And for just 99p, they seem like an absolute steal!

Featured image credit: Aldi