Aldi brings out vegan lamb roasting joint this Easter

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Aldi has dropped a vegan lamb roasting joint for Easter, so that nobody has to miss out on a their Sunday dinner.

The budget supermarket has always offered exciting plant-based alternatives, and its meat-free lamb is a returning favourite, after receiving a great reception from shoppers last year.

Sitting within their Plant Menu line, the No Lamb Roasting Joint will cost £4.49 and will be available to buy from April 4th.

The product is made to look like a joint of meat, but its actually made from a mushroom base and filled with rosemary and onion stuffing.

aldi vegan lamb roasting joint uk easter

Aldi’s vegan lamb roasting joint is here (Credit: Aldi)

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The ‘No Lamb’ joint is finished with a pea, rosemary, and panko crumb, and there’s a mint gravy to pour over it, too.

Ever since launching Plant Menu back in 2019, Aldi has been promoting true-to-life vegan foods that look and taste like meat without the use of any animal products.

These include No Chicken Katsu Fillets, No Fish Scampi and Crispy Battered No Beef Strips.

The supermarket went on to win PETA’s Top Grocer award in 2020 for its “bountiful vegan options.”

aldi vegan range reducing meat

Aldi already has 700 vegan products (Credit: Aldi)

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“Aldi recognises that consumers today care about animal welfare, their own health, and the impact that a meat- and dairy-heavy diet has on the environment—and it deserves to be recognised for offering shoppers a host of tasty vegan foods,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said as the award was announced.

Now, the supermarket is promising an expansion of its vegan offering around the world, with an aim of offering more than 1000 products by the end of 2024, and cutting back on some meat and dairy products.

“Our goal is to offer our customers 1,000 plant-based product varieties spread across the year in our standard, seasonal, and promotional ranges by the end of 2024,” Aldi said in its nutrition report.

“To achieve this goal, we are focusing not only on reducing the small quantities of animal-based ingredients in our products, but also on consistently expanding our vegan range.”