This couple love Aldi so much they got married there

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How much do you love Aldi? We don’t need to tell you we’re a fan of everything they do, from festive pigs in blankets to delicious creme liqueurs…

But do we love the budget supermarket enough to get married there? Honestly, that might be too far even for us.

Believe it or not, one couple did, though.

aldi wedding

This couple got married at Aldi (Credit: Aldi/ Fig Media)

At the start of November, Michigan residents Michael and Jessica Hurd decided to say ‘I do’ in an Aldi grocery shop, exchanging their vows at Aldi Insights Center in Batavia, Illinois.

The room was jazzed up to become a wedding venue for the happy couple, who won a contest back in the summer, beating 500 other applicants to the post.

The competition promised the winning couple would get a wedding paid for by Aldi themselves. The catch (or… perk?) Everything was Aldi themed…

aldi wedding

The wedding took place at Aldi HQ (Credit: Aldi/ Fig Media)

The wedding package not only promised a venue but hair and makeup and a photographer to capture the big day.

“Getting married at Aldi feels like a dream come true,” the Southgate, Michigan, couple told People. “It has always been a key part of our relationship.

“We work opposite schedules, so weekends are the only time we get to really see each other. We’ve always cherished our Sunday morning Aldi shopping dates.

“It’s something we look forward to doing together each week.”

aldi wedding cake

There was even an Aldi themed wedding cake (Credit: Aldi/ Fig Media)

The newly-weds received Aldi-themed hors d’oeuvres, an Aldi cocktail and even an Aldi shopping cart-themed wedding cake.

Plus, there were Aldi wedding favours and so much and more.

To top of the wedding, the couple were also handed a year’s free groceries, and a shopping cart full of Aldi products to take home with them, too.

Suddenly, an Aldi wedding sounds pretty dreamy. Where do we sign up?