You can now get a breakfast muffin maker and it’s a bargain

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What if we told you that you could make your very own breakfast McMuffin from the comfort of your home?

Yup, we all love a breakfast bap (and a Maccies delivery, obvs), but wouldn’t it be great if you could knock your own morning muffin, and save a few quid once in a while?

You might have noticed that Aldi promoted its own breakfast muffin maker recently, and it was so popular it sold out in literal days.

But don’t fear if you missed it! You can also purchase a similar machine from the folks at Drew & Cole – and at only a tenner more than the Aldi one, it’s still a certified bargain.

drew and cole breakfast muffin maker mcmuffin

You can make your own breakfast muffins at home (Credit: Alamy)

The Drew & Cole Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker machine promises to toast a muffin, melt cheese, cook an egg and heat meat all in one fell swoop.

You simply layer all of these up in the machine and let it do its work. In fact, it promises to do so in less than five minutes! Result.

Costing £39.99, you can get the machine on Amazon right here.

It promises to save you cash every time you need a slap up breakfast on a hangover, meaning you’ll probably make the money from the purchase back in no time, too.

drew and cole breakfast muffin maker mcmuffin

McMuffins on tap? Yes, please (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The best part about the machine is it doesn’t just make breakfast muffins.

It also has the capacity to make anything from a mini pizza to an omelette, or even a dessert!

Plus, you can also toast, crumpets, bread rolls and tortillas if you wanna get creative.

If you’re looking for some more machines to stock up your kitchen, might we also suggest a boozy slushie maker from B&M?

bm cocktail slush machine slushie

Boozy summer slushies are a must, too (Credit: BM)

The B&M Cocktail Slush Machine comes with measurements on it so you can ensure you’ve got just the right amount of booze, ice and other ingredients in your jug.

You can make up to a litre of cocktail slushie at a time, and all you need to do so is some syrup, ice, water and booze, as well as your fave cocktail glasses.

There are a bunch of slushie syrups online, but if you want to get ultra nostalgic, you can actually buy Slush Puppie syrup so it’s as close to your favourite frozen drink as possible.

If you’d rather, you can also just make a cocktail of your choice and ice it up in the machine. Strawberry Daiquiri slushies, anyone?!

The machine also gives the option to choose whether to make your cocktail fine or coarse, and there are indicators on the jug about exactly how much of each ingredient to put in in order to achieve the perfect blend.

The best part is the machine only costs a very reasonable £35, and is available in B&M stores now (you can find your nearest one here).

Cocktail party followed by McMuffins the next day when your head’s a little sore? We’re sold.