Baileys has launched its very own ice cream just in time for summer

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Thought Baileys was just a Christmas drink? Well, think again.

The cream liqueur is now available in ice cream form, and we honestly couldn’t think of anything better.

Just in time for summer, the new 475ml tubs are for sale exclusively in Iceland stores, and they’re the only ice cream iteration you can currently buy from the brand.

Tesco briefly brought out a Baileys ice cream back in 2018, but it is no longer available to buy, so fans have had to go without for several years.

The brand new ice cream is apparently made “with the taste of Baileys”, which means we can expect each mouthful to be like a swig of the liqueur – packed with sweet, milky flavour notes, a hint of vanilla and fruity Irish whiskey.

A tub of the ice cream will cost you a very reasonable £3.50, and it’s available to buy in store or online now.

baileys ice cream

Bailey’s ice cream is here, and it’s a game-changer (Credit: Bailey’s/ Iceland)

And that’s not all, Baileys’ parent company, Diageo, has also introduced boozy ice cream sticks (also £3.50 for three) in Iceland, too.

These are made up of the same ice cream coated in a crispy chocolate shell. What more could you want when sat in the sun?

baileys ice cream

Bailey’s ice cream sticks are also available (Credit: Baileys/ Iceland)

When the news of these products was shared on social media, by account NewFoodsUK, it was clear that people were pretty excited.

“Our prayers have been answered,” wrote one person, tagging a friend.

Whilst another gushed: “Omg. They are delicious…in love with @baileysofficial”.

Here at Twisted, we very much echoing in this excitement. Think of the ice cream sundae you could create with those tubs! Or better still, a boozy milkshake – the possibilities really are endless.

If you’re more keen on drinking your Baileys straight, but still after a summery spin on it, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, too.

baileys ice cream

This ‘aint just a Christmas drink (Credit: Baileys)

You can also buy an Eton Mess flavoured bottle of the liqueur over on The Bottle Club for just £19.99.

Drinks in the park just got a lot more interesting.