People are just discovering Baileys does mini eggs and OMG

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We don’t know about you, but for us, Easter egg shopping gets more and more exciting for us every year.

We’re still recovering from the news of Lotus Biscoff mini eggs, which recently became available here in the UK – but now another type of chocolate egg may well have taken the top spot.

Yup, like us, you might be just discovering that Baileys sells chocolate mini eggs, and they sound like an absolute dream.

baileys luxe mini egg easter

These Baileys mini eggs are going to be our Easter obsession (Credit: Baileys)

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Named the Baileys Chocolate Luxe Mini Eggs, each 138g packet is filled with nine milk chocolate eggs which are smothered in gold shell.

The eggs have an oozy Baileys truffle centre, making them a truly indulgent and delightfully boozy treat to gift to a loved one (or eat yourself) this Easter.

Whilst many people might not have seen this product before, it has actually cropped up in stores over the last couple of years in the run up to the holiday.

They’re still super exclusive. In fact, you can only buy the Baileys mini eggs in many gifting stores, including Selfridges for £7.99, World Food Shop for £6.95 and Maple Chocs for £7.49.

The mini eggs aren’t available on any supermarket websites yet, so you’ll have to stock up from smaller retailers if these take your fancy…

baileys luxe mini egg easter

What could be better than Baileys…? Baileys filled mini eggs! (Credit: Alamy). (Credit: VP / Alamy)

The exciting product is just one of many unique takes on an Easter egg available this year.

If you have less of a sweet tooth, you can also stock up on a cheese Easter egg from Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses.

Selling in a box so they look exactly like their chocolatey counterparts, the products are technically half an Easter egg, but you’d never tell from the front.

The Easter egg halves can be chopped up and eaten on crackers or popped into a sandwich.

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butlers cheese easter egg

Cheese Easter eggs are the latest big thing, too (Credit: Butlers)

Weighing 120g, the eggs are made with the very best of Butlers’ cheeses – their traditional Farmhouse Cheddar and their gold award-winning blue cheese, Blacksticks Blue.

Whilst they look solid at first glance, both cheeses have been blended into a soft cheese consistency so they’re easy to chop a chunk out of.

What a dream, right?

You can read more about those and where you can buy ’em here.