You can now buy Baileys scented candles and they sound like a dream

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We all love a bit of Baileys, right? Well, what if we told you that your house could soon smell of the stuff?!

That’s right. We’ve just discovered that Baileys scented candles exist, and we are stocking up on ten immediately.

They’re available over on Etsy, thanks to seller @

baileys scented candle

Yep, it smells like Baileys, too (Credit: Etsy/MadeByShellQ)

The thrifty Etsy vendor has made the 700ml soy wax candle’s container out of an up-cycled Baileys bottle, and it comes scented with actual Irish creme liqueur.

Dreamy, right?

It’s available for £18, but we’d suggest snapping one up quickly, as it’s only a small business and the products might not stick around for long!

“This long burning and highly fragranced candle would be a wonderful addition to any room in the house, summerhouse, man cave or any other room you can think of!,” the Etsy page reads.


Imagine your house smelling of Baileys (Credit: Alamy)

Whilst Baileys is in no way affiliated with this product in an official capacity, we think they’re missing a trick by not bringing out their own.

The fun doesn’t stop at Baileys either. The seller has also created candles that smell like Thatchers Gold Cider, an Irn Bru can and Absolut Vanilla Vodka. 

You can also get candles that are scented like Sprite, Tia Maria and Strongbow (we’re definitely more partial to the some of some of these than others…)

Not only are the candles a great gift for a friend, they are also made out of recycled goods, so you can buy them knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet, too.

In other Baileys news, did you know that you can now order Easter eggs filled with the stuff?

baileys scented candle

You need these Baileys eggs in your life for Easter, too (Credit: Baileys)

Named the Baileys Chocolate Luxe Mini Eggs, each 138g packet is filled with nine milk chocolate eggs which are smothered in gold shell.

The eggs have an oozy Baileys truffle centre, making them a truly indulgent and delightfully boozy treat to gift to a loved one (or eat yourself) this Easter.

You can read more about where you can nab them here.