B&M is selling a sausage roll maker for £20

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Is it just us who has a minor sausage roll addiction that could very well put Greggs out of business?

If you too are partial to a sausage roll or seven then you might wanna listen up, because B&M are selling a product that could change the game.

The budget store has only gone and launched a sausage roll making machine – and the best part is, it just costs £20.

The device has automatic temperature control settings and also has non-stick coated plates so that it’s super easy to clean between uses, and gaps perfectly designed to fit sausage rolls inside it for the most professional results.

“This Sausage roll maker is a game changer if you’ve EVER fancied making one at home!,” said B&M as it shared news of the device on social.

“It’s so easy to use and makes the most delicious sausage rolls – and it’ll cost a fraction of the price once you start! Who should make you one of these?!”

Reacting to the post, over 3000 people went on to tag their mates and suggest they purchase immediately.

“Next kitchen gadget… we all know you love a sausage roll,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another joked: “Let’s postpone the diet.”

Fresh homemade sausage rolls on a baking rack in kitchen.

“Can we go b&m pleaseee,” said a third. 

But for all the hype, some people just didn’t get the point of the new gadget. 

There were many who pointed out that it was just as easy to make a sausage roll in an oven or an air-fryer, questioning the purpose of a gadget specifically for that purpose. 

“But….why?,” one simply wrote. 

Whilst another penned: “For the price of all the ingredients you could just buy them from the shop itself.”

“Just put in oven or air fryer, i see no need for another kitchen gadget… pointless,” someone else interjected. 

Whatever you think of this device, we have a feeling it’s gonna fly off the shelves…

Featured image: Getty