You could get paid £150 a day to review bottomless brunches

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fancy being paid to eat delicious brunch food and drink as much booze as you can? Well, believe it or not, now you actually can.

A company is looking for a ‘bottomless brunch tester’, and they’ll pay one lucky brunch-aholic £150 a day to sample menus from across Britain.

Honestly, we think we’ve found our calling.

The position is being advertised by an online voucher code site WeThrift, which wants to ensure its only offering up boozy brunches at the very best establishments.

They want five bottomless brunch testers to travel around the UK, sampling and reviewing the best bottomless brunch spots the country has to offer.

bottomless brunch

Fancy yourself a bottomless brunch expert? (Credit: Pexels)

Brb whilst we quit our day jobs immediately.

Successful candidates will be required to review ten bottomless brunch menus in restaurants across the country, and they’ll be able to take a lucky guest with them, too.

The job advert follows research which uncovered that over half (61%) of 2000 British 18-30 year olds would opt for a bottomless brunch as their absolute go-to when they’re out with pals, but just under a quarter (23%) are put off by the amount of choice and the true meaning of ‘bottomless’.

Each pair of ‘bottomless brunch besties’ will be given strict criteria to rate out of ten, including the variety of food and drinks on the menu, quantity of drinks served, number of courses, time allocated, and overall value for money.

Subsequently, the feedback will be used to create an indisputable list of the UK’s top 10 bottomless brunches.

Wanna be paid to tuck into food like this? (Credit: Alamy)

If you fancy yourself a bottomless brunch connoisseur  then you can apply by clicking here. 

The list of spots testers will be asked to visit will be taken from Tripadvisor’s top 50 rated eateries offering a bottomless brunch menu. 

And they’ll be expected to travel to ten venues within one month. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it.

The good thing about this gig is that hours are flexible and the company assure applicants that “research can be carried out around other commitments.”

The only conditions are that “hopeful candidates must be aged 18 or over, have access to a smartphone or computer, and be available to attend ten bottomless brunches between the 13th June and 17th July.”

Applications close on the 31st of May, with successful candidates being selected by June 6th.

bottomless brunch

Brunchers will be tasked with trying 10 different eateries (Credit: Alamy)

Nick Drewe, Founder of WeThrift said: “The bottomless brunch phenomenon has really taken off in recent years. Whether it’s a fun hen party activity, a birthday treat, or a nice way to spend a Saturday catching up with friends, one thing is certain – Brits love brunch!

“However, with so many establishments offering the service, deciding where to visit for a bottomless brunch can be overwhelming, especially for novices.

“This is why we’re looking for five bottomless brunch connoisseurs to travel around the country sampling the best brunches the UK has to offer, enabling us to create the country’s ultimate bottomless brunch guide.

“Our hope is to find our five pairs of Brunch Testing Besties by the end of May, so if you fancy yourself a fair critic – and are passionate about brunch – please get in touch. This could be the role for you!”

You’ll have to fight us for the gig, though.