You can get paid nearly £20,000 to be a bottomless brunch tester

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever think you just haven’t found your calling in life? Well, what if we told you that you could get paid to eat brunch food and drink booze for a living?

Yup, believe it or not, a company is looking to pay someone £19,000 to be its bottomless brunch tester. What a dream gig, right?

The opportunity comes from hen party organisers, GoHen, and requires the chosen applicant to travel around the country and give their verdict on various boozy brunches. 

bottomless brunch

Imagine being paid to scoff this (Credit: Alamy)

The company wants to determine the best bottomless brunches around the UK so that they can ensure they’re providing the best options possible for the hens that book through its website.

The brunch tester will have to vlog about each restaurant they visit, so being comfortable in front of the camera is a must.

When you’re not chugging the booze, the brunch tester will also be expected to chip in managing hen party queries and helping manage the organisation of events.

“When you’re not out and about testing bottomless brunches, you’ll be using your insider knowledge and expert know-how to help hens celebrate their big weekends in style!

“If you think you fit the criteria, please tell us why you’d be perfect for the role,” GoHen says in a blurb online.

brunch food

Wanna test brunch food for a living? (Credit: Unsplash)

It goes without saying that you have to be over 18 to apply, and you only have a couple of weeks to do so, as the job is up until September 30th.

Steve Roddy, GoHen’s director of operations, explains: “Bottomless brunch has boomed in popularity in the post-pandemic world and we’re on a mission to find the best one ion the UK to send our hens to.

“We’ve actually seen enquiries increase for it by over 1,000 per cent, so we felt the demand was there to warrant hiring someone in a professional capacity to go out and test them.”

Of course, bottomless brunch normally means getting a little (ahem) tipsy, but as this is a real life job, we’d suggest holding back on chugging too many cocktails.

prosecco cheers

Take it easy on the bevs, though! (Credit: Alamy)

“Whilst we’re happy for them to do out and indulge themselves, they shouldn’t overdo it on the bottomless fizz as we’d still require feedback, quality images, as well as video content for us to use,” Steve adds.

You can explore more details about the job and fill in the application via the website, here.

You’ll have to beat us to the gig, though. Brb, we’re off to apply now.