Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Burger King launches pink burger and milkshake in Brazil


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Burger King has launched a new pink food range in honour of the new Barbie movie.

The brightly coloured new menu features a burger, doughnut and a milkshake, and look like they’ve been plucked straight off the set of the movie itself.

The burger comes with a smoky pink sauce and crunchy diced bacon and is served alongside Ken’s Potatoes, which are basically normal fries in a pink themed packet.

The pink milkshake is vanilla and strawberry flavoured, and it’s adorned with a pink and white striped doughnut, too. How cute!

burger king brazil pink burger barbie menu

Burger King Brazil’s pink burger has dropped (Credit: Burger King Brazil)

The food items dropped earlier this week on July 12th, but there’s a catch – they’re only in Burger King branches in Brazil.

Yup, unfortunately, the pink fast food hasn’t made it over to the UK, and it doesn’t look like there’s plans for it to do so, either. Boo.

Even though we can’t try the pretty pink burgers, we’ve still enjoyed the reaction to them online.

“Brazilians win again. Be right back, getting the Barbie Burger,” one person wrote when they came across it.

Whilst another gushed: “OH THIS IS SICKENING.”

burger king brazil pink burger barbie menu

Burger King Brazil has also launched a pink shake (Credit: Burger King Brazil)

“Omg i never wanted to go to Brazil more,” said a third.

But others weren’t convinced.

“I can already feel the stomach pains,” someone joked.

As a fellow critic penned: “The Barbie collabs have to stop.” Fun sponges!

We love the idea of a pink burger here at Twisted. In fact….BRB.

Featured image: Getty/ Burger King Brazil

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