People don’t know what to think of these weird ‘pregnancy craving’ Whoppers at Burger King Germany

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful limited edition food launches this year, from KFC’s Wrappuette fashion line to Tropicana’s ‘orange juice cereal’.

But there’s one which has really set tongues wagging on the web. Over in Germany, the good folks at Burger King released a pregnancy cravings burger line for one day only – and the promotional pictures have since gone viral online.

The line was actually a pretty neat concept. Available at just one location in Berlin, it had been created for Mother’s Day, to honour expectant mums by noting some of the most common cravings they experienced, and incorporating them into their beloved Whopper.

burger king germany

Burger King Germany created a pregnancy cravings menu (Credit: Alamy)

Flavour combos included ice cream and olive; eggs and bananas; jam, fish-sticks and applesauce and currywurst with a dash of fried herring. 

Hey, don’t blame Burger King, it’s what the pregnant women are craving!

Whilst the campaign was a roaring success, of course it didn’t take the internet long to miss the point, and assume that these items were on Burger King Germany’s menu all year round.


Referencing one of the burgers, with berry ice cream and chips stuffed inside it, one Twitter user wrote: “This one looks like you asked a 6 year old to combine all his favorite foods (sic)”.

Whilst another shared a snap of the olive and ice cream concoction and wrote: “What the fuck is that”.

“The fact that it’s not fake scares me,” said a third.

As a fourth exclaimed: “So, this what they be eating over there in Germany at Burger King??? HELL NAW.”

The chain conducted some *very scientific* research to work out which fillings to go for, surveying expectant mothers in Germany to get to the bottom of their need for quirky flavour combos.

“Our survey among pregnant women and mothers clearly indicates that pregnancy cravings are not just a myth. These cravings are as real as pregnant women’s desire for special food combinations”, said Klaus Schmäing, director marketing at BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH, at the time.

“This brought us to the idea  to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into pregnancy Whopper sandwiches. As a result, combinations like cucumber with jam or sausage with chocolate cream have been created – and expectant moms have enthusiastically tried them.”

Listen, we love to put a twist on a classic, but you won’t find us queuing for a burger stuffed with olives and ice cream.

Still, if it’s what the pregnant women wanted, we’re all for it.