Burger King Austria faces backlash over ‘stale’ pride campaign

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Burger King has faced some backlash in Austria after promoting a Pride burger with either two top or two bottom buns.

The ‘Pride Whopper’ has been created to mark the LGBT celebrations going on around the world this month, but it’s has received mass criticism from people saying that it “totally missed the mark”.

The campaign is running until the 20th June, and the burger essentially consists of a normal Whopper with “two equal buns”.


Burger King’s Pride campaign has divided opinion (Credit: Burger King Austria)

“Burger King Austria made a Pride burger that’s either two tops or two bottoms… what in straight hell?,” wrote one person in response to the campaign.

Whilst another wrote: “What a strange advertisement. I’ll take my Whopper with a regular bun because ordering fast food doesn’t need to be a political statement for me.”

“Let’s sexualize literally everything so everyone feels included,” wrote a third. 

Whilst a fourth chipped in: “Burger King could have taken advantage of pride month to give us Pretty Pattie’s but they decided to stoop to stale sex jokes instead.”

“Who approved this?!”, questioned someone else.

Twisted has reached out to Burger King for comment.

This isn’t the first time the fast-food giant has come under fire for a Pride campaign.

In San Francisco, the chain was also questioned for creating a Proud Whopper in 2014, with the tagline ‘we’re all the same on the inside’.

June is officially Pride month, where the world celebrates gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans culture, activism and history.

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Burger King has come under fire for the Pride campaign (Credit: Alamy)

Food brands regularly use their platforms to make a statement and donate money to good causes in honour of the month, and they’re usually well received – however baffling misguided this one may have been.

Last year, Skittles gave up its rainbow to support Pride, donating the proceeds of their June sales to GLAAD. You can read more about food and drink brands that supported the last Pride here.

Let’s hope this year the brands do better than BK’s campaign…