Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Burger King brings out snack wraps after pleas from McDonald’s fans


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Burger King has launched its own version of snack wraps after pleas for the McDonald’s favourite to return.

Yup, after years of begging for Maccies to bring back snack wraps in the States, Burger King said ‘hold my Whopper,’ and decided to bring out its own range of chicken wraps.

Named the Royal Crispy Wraps, the new menu items will come in three flavours: Classic, Spicy and Honey Mustard.

They will see a tortilla filled with crispy white meat chicken, tomato and fresh lettuce, and will be available across US Burger King branches from 14th August, for a limited time.

burger king Royal Crispy Wraps

Burger King’s Royal Crispy Wraps have landed (Credit: Burger King)

“At Burger King, we’re no strangers to innovation when it comes to chicken. We first introduced the BK Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich last August, and our Guests have loved it so much that we’ve turned it into a snack-sized wrap version,” said Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America, in a statement.

“The BK Royal Crispy Wraps offer our Guests an all-new way to enjoy our BK Royal Crispy Chicken without sacrificing quality ingredients, bold flavors, and the choice to have it your way.”

The McDonald’s snack wrap was discontinued in 2016 after demand dropped, but people have been begging the chain to bring them back ever since.

They were originally introduced as McWraps before rebranding as snack wraps, but they never stood the test of time.

burger king Royal Crispy Wraps

Burger King saw a gap in the market (Credit: Getty)

We love a wrap here in the UK, but in the States they’re only starting to crop up on menus again of late.

KFC US recently launched a wrap across the US for a limited time, after a trial period in Atlanta where people tested two flavours – Classic Chicken and Spicy Slaw Chicken.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s, introduced its Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap after spotting a gap in the market, too.

Burger King lovers in the US… you know what to do. We wouldn’t wanna be missing these bad boys!

Featured image: Getty/ Burger King

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