Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Burger King Thailand drops burger where you can add unlimited patties


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A double cheeseburger is great and all, but do you ever wish you could order a burger with three patties… or four… or eleven?

Well, Burger King Thailand has only gone and launched a new burger with unlimited patties.

That’s right, the idea is you can have as many burger patties as you want in your bun.

Phew – imagine this being available on a hangover!

burger king real meat burger

How many patties is too many patties? (Credit: Burger King)

Named the Real Meat Burger, it comes with three patties as standard (nothing to see here), and retails at 339 baht (£7.67),

You can then add your extra patties, coming in at 100 baht (£2.26) each, until you’ve got a burger tower to your liking.

The catch is, there’s nothing else in their burger at all. No onion, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, or sauce. It’s literally just meat.

Food blogger Believe Me, I Already Ate was one of the first to try the burger, as per Today.

And just to test the limits of the offer, he went and ordered one with 100 patties. Yep, 100.

“I really want to know what a burger with 100 pieces of meat will look like,” he said in a video.

Intrigued? Well, check it below: 

It should be noted that, as well as being too much meat for any human to safely consume, the hefty burger creation also set him back around 10,039 baht (£227.14), so it’s probably the first and last 100 patty order the chain is gonna see.

It comes after the chain dropped another unique creation – The Real Cheese Burger.

This bad boy came with a whopping 20 slices of cheese, and similarly contained no other sauces, patty or toppings.


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♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

The burger cost 109 Thai baht (which is equivalent to £2.50), compared to a regular burger which costs 380 baht (£8.42), and was available for a limited time.

We’re not sure what we’d rather sink our teeth into, a burger bun stuffed with American cheese or a massive pile of meat, but either way we’re gonna be adding some mayo and salad at the very least.

Still, they know how to get us talking, don’t they?

Featured image: Getty/ Burger King 

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