Burger King teases vegan bacon cheeseburger launch in January

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Burger King has teased exciting new vegan options are coming to the UK in January.

The fast food giant has announced that it has teamed up with vegan bacon company, La Vie, to curate new menu options for 2023  – and if their promo picture is anything to go by a plant-based bacon cheeseburger could be one of the contenders.

The plant based bacon brand has confirmed on its socials that is set to become a permanent menu fixture in UK stores next year, which is great news for vegans, veggies and flexitarians who are hankering for the same meaty taste as their friends.

In fact, La Vie say that one in two testers couldn’t tell the difference between their product and pork (quite an impressive claim if you ask us…)

burger king vegan bacon cheeseburger

Could this be Burger King’s new vegan offering? (Credit: La Vie)

A poster for the new collaboration can also be seen on their insta, in which a rather tasty looking bacon cheeseburger can be seen on a bus stop billboard.

Could this be the new product hitting Burger King stores? It certainly looks promising…

Chief Marketing Officer at La Vie, Romain Jolivet told Vegan Food and Living: “We are very proud to be partnering with Burger King, bringing our multi-award-winning, plant-based bacon, La Vie to their restaurants.

“This will allow us to accelerate the pace of switching from animal-based meat to plant-based, which is a climate emergency we are all facing.

“Thanks to the open-mindedness and leadership of Burger King, proactively moving towards more plant-based options, millions of consumers will be able to try our next generation of plant-based bacon.

“With only 7 ingredients and a product packed with proteins AND fibers, this is a bakon for the kings, not for the clowns.”

Meanwhile, Soco Núñez de Cela, Brand and Communications Director at Burger King UK, added: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with La Vie.

“The synergy between our two brands and fierce campaign tactics meant this partnership was a match made in heaven.

“After the huge success of our Bristol and Leicester Square meat free restaurants, we look forward to building on our partnership with La Vie to ensure we meet our goal to become 50 per cent plant based by 2030 in the UK.”

burger king

Burger King is on a plant-based mission (Credit: Alamy)

The move comes as Burger King recently launched plant based meat buns over in Japan and specially formulated vegan chicken in Chile, and even vowed to make plant-based the default ‘normal’ option in Austria.

It has also opened several fully plant-based restaurants on a limited basis, including one in London and one in Bristol. This is part of a pledge to ensure 50 per cent of its menu is plant-based by 2030.

Both La Vie and Burger King are keeping tight lipped about exactly what is to come right when their partnership begins, but what we do know is that we can expect to see the fruits of their collab from January 4th.

Previous bacony offerings at their meat-free restaurants have included the Bakon King Single, Bakon King Double and the Plant-based Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper.

It certainly looks like Burger King is the place to be if you’re plant-based next month!