Cadbury launches new crispy Caramilk bar

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Cadbury has just launched two new chocolate bars including a Caramilk Crispy, and it sounds like a dream.

The Caramilk Crispy is made from blonde chocolate, and comes with a delicious crisped rice centre for added crunch.

It joins a Darkmilk bar (which is basically a richer, darker milk chocolate for those with sophisticated palates), which has a smooth hazelnut praline inside it.

The 85g bars will cost £1.49 each, and will be landing in all shops around the UK this month.

cadbury chocolate bars

Caramilk and Darkmilk have new chocolate bars (Credit: Cadbury)

Christina Bland, junior brand manager for Cadbury Tablets at Mondelēz International, said: “We are extremely proud to be unveiling these two fantastic new innovations across two brilliant brands.

“We know that Cadbury Darkmilk has brought new shoppers to the category adding incremental sales for retailers. Cadbury Darkmilk Praline will further build on this.”

Having dropped in 2018, the Darkmilk chocolate bar is made from 40 percent cocoa, and it made for those who like their chocolate a little more bitter.

Meanwhile, the Caramilk is made from a mixture of white chocolate and caramelised milk powder.

blonde chocolate caramilk crispy cadbury

Caramilk is all the rage at the moment (Credit: Cadbury)

Caramilk has been a cult chocolate bar here in the UK since it launched back in 2021, and there have since been many other spin-off products.

Earlier this year, Caramilk ice cream tubs launched on shelves, following a successful debut in Australia.

According to ice cream giant Froneri, which worked on the launch, the ice cream sticks offer a “velvety smooth centre, coated in a delicious golden blend of caramelised white chocolate made from real Cadbury Caramilk”.

The tub is filled with “creamy vanilla ice cream with a golden caramel chocolate centre”.

Yup, that’s an ice cream tub with a Caramilk core. What a time to be alive…

The ice creams launched in February and are still available in supermarkets now.

Featured image: Cadbury