Dairy Milk releases new advent bar – but you can only eat one chunk a day

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It seems ridiculous to be talking about Christmas already, but here we are, talking about it.

You see, we couldn’t not tell you about Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk chocolate bar, which has just been announced ahead of the holidays.

Named the Advent Bar, the chocolate is going to taste exactly the same as usual – it’s just the structure that’s changing.

The limited edition Christmas bar is going to be shaped like a Christmas tree, with numbered tree chunks for you to eat each day of advent.

We don’t need to tell you the issues with this, obviously. A Dairy Milk bar which you can only eat a chunk at a time for 25 days is more than a little bit of a challenge.

In fact, we’d go as far to say that working your way through one of these is a crash course in restraint.

The bar costs £3.49, and is expected to land in supermarkets in the run up to Christmas, but in the meantime it can be bought from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

Although, why anyone would buy one in August we really don’t know. Saving it 25 days seems hard enough to us…

cadbury dairy milk

Could you ration chunks of Cadbury Dairy Milk? (Credit: Alamy)

We aren’t the only ones thinking it, either. When the chocolate bar was spotted online by food blog, New Foods UK, people flocked to question the concept.

“I would have to buy 25 and eat one a day. No chance would I make one bar last that long,” wrote one.

As another tagged a friend and said: “We would be terrible at this”.

“Absolutely no chance,” said another as they learnt of the Advent Bar.

cadbury christmas range 2022

Cadbury’s Christmas range is full of gems this year (Credit: Cadbury)

Still, fair play to Cadbury for stoking the Christmas spirit already, in sunny August.

The news of the new choccy bar comes alongside several more launches from Cadbury in anticipation of the holidays.

If you’re looking to stock up on stocking fillers already, you can also buy a Cadbury Christmas Cabin Kit, a Christmas Family Favourites Gift Box, and a Cadbury Christmas Tree Kit.