Cadbury drops a brand new limited-edition Caramel Twirl bar

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Cadbury has just launched a limited edition caramel Twirl bar, and it sounds like a literal dream.

The bars see the beloved Cadbury Twirl blended with a caramel sauce, which is meant to wrap itself around the chocolate.

We mean…. yum, right?!

Offering a fun twist on the classic chocolate offering, the bars weigh in at 43g and have a RRP of 69p.

twirl caramel chocolate bar

The Twirl Caramel chocolate bar has landed (Credit: Cadbury)

You can get your hands on them in all supermarkets and local newsagents for a limited time – so, run, don’t walk!

Cadbury has been teasing us about the new release recently, but we wouldn’t blame you if you missed the signs.

They placed an advert for the new Twirl flavour on the banks of the River Thames this week, submerging them in high tide so that only lucky passers by on the Royal Victoria Dock in Greenwich could catch a glimpse of the new arrival product before it hit the news.

cadbury twirl caramel

The humble Twirl has had a makeover (Credit: Cadbury)

Keen to drip-feed the exciting news verrrrry slowly, Cadbury also advertised the chocolate bar on a remote island which only has a population of two and also promoted the bar at the UK’s least used train station.

So, for a while, it’s been an impeccably kept secret…

Those who spot adverts for the bar ahead of time get a free one, so keep your eyes peeled.

The launch comes after the hugely successful Twirl Orange, which went from being a limited release to a permanent fixture last year after fans got a taste.

Frederike Grohmann, Brand Manager for Cadbury Twirl at Mondelez, said: “We’re so excited to announce the launch of Twirl Caramel, but we want people to know that this is a limited-edition bar – one that we know is going to be popular.

“That’s why we’ve been controlling the hype with our adverts, which only the most eagle-eyed Cadbury fans will have spotted.”

Sorry, Cadbury, but the hype is officially about to begin, and it might be kinda down to us spilling the beans.

Keep your eyes out for these bars, folks, they’re sure to be like gold dust.