Cadbury is looking for a 'Chocolate Taster' and you can apply

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Do you wanna get paid to eat chocolate? (There's only one answer, surely.)

Well, now you can, and Cadbury chocolate no less.

Yup, the British chocolate brand is looking for a Chocolate Taster to join the team, and your job would literally be to try chocolate bars, biscuits and share bags, ensuring they're good enough for the public.

cadbury chocolate taster testerCadbury is looking for a chocolate tester (Credit: Getty)

Cadbury has employed Chocolate Tasters before, previously hiring for a chocaholic to share their skills in Wokingham.

Now, the company is looking for someone to join the team at Cadbury World Birmingham, and the only skill you need is a passion for chowing down on choccy.

Well, and a few other positive attributes...

"We are giving you the unique opportunity to become a Chocolate Taster! Think you can tick all the boxes?," they wrote on social.

The job description sounds pretty fun, too.


The chosen Chocolate Taster will be working with a team of panellists to try a variety of products and provide honest feedback.

All you need to apply is a passion for chocolate, to be a good communicator and not afraid to speak your mind.

You've also gotta be willing to try new products (easy, right? Who wouldn't want a sneak peak at what that Cadbury chocolate whizzes have up their sleeves?)

You'll have to agree with a team on what taste ranking you're gonna give, use a clear vocab when describing the products and know the ethical and legal responsibilities that come with giving your verdict on the products.

cadbury chocolate taster testerDo you fancy yourself a chocolate expert? (Credit: Getty)

The only caveat is that you can't really have dietary restrictions if you apply for the role, because of the scope of chocolates you'll need to try.

Gluten, dairy and nuts will crop up in some of the foods you're testing, so bare that in mind.

The role is part-time, meaning you'll only be needed for eight hours per week. Maybe it's something you could fit alongside your standard gig?

Cadbury hasn't revealed the wage of this job, but according to Business Insider, it was £10.75 an hour when a similar position was advertised in 2019.

Brb while we apply to this immediately. Cadbury, you won't find a bigger expert on chocolate than us!

Find the sing-up page here.

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