You can now buy a 1KG bag of Mini Eggs

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Attention chocaholics, this is not a drill. You can now buy a 1KG bag of Mini Eggs.

Yep, you read that correctly.

The folks at Cadbury have only gone and created the snack of our dreams – a whole kilogram of chocolate eggs to nibble on.

The new drop comes ahead of Easter, although we’re seriously hoping it stays around longer. When isn’t a good time to sell a kilogram of Mini Eggs? We’d certainly eat them all year round.

Fancy a kilo of Mini Eggs? (Credit: Cadbury)

To secure yourself a bag you’ll have to fork out £8, but just think of the sheer amount of chocolate you get for that. The Mini Eggs are available on Ocado – so, we know where we’re doing our next weekly shop!

When the new snack was spotted by food blog, New Foods UK, it’s safe to say that people were rather excited.

“Thank the lord, a bigger bag,” wrote one.

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Whilst another Mini Egg fan said: “I NEED THESE!!”

“They’d still be gone in 10 mins,” joked a third.

As a fourth penned: “God help me.”

The news comes as shops up and down the country have been stocking up their chocolate supplies ahead of Easter.

In fact, some shops have been selling Easter eggs since January, which has raised more than a few eyebrows on social media. 

Major retailers including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are all amongst the retailers pushing out their Easter ranges early. 

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Explaining why they got ahead of the curve, Sainsbury’s told Sky: “Each year we stock some seasonal products in advance of the main holiday period. This is because some customers like to buy gifts and longer life items in plenty of time, or treat themselves early.”

What’s that? More time to stuff our faces with kilo bags of Mini Eggs? You won’t see us complaining…