Cadbury finally reveals flavours of mystery bars

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Who remembers when Cadbury announced their mystery bars a few months ago? The chocolate brand turned everyone into taste testers as it challenged shoppers to guess the Cadbury mystery bar flavours on offer.

Selling two bars, cryptically just named bar one and bar two, people were tasked with deducing the hidden flavour notes within the chocolate.

Those who worked out the right answers would be entered into a prize draw, and people flocked to submit their bar one and bar two guesses in their drones.

cadbury mystery bars

Cadbury’s mystery bar flavours have been announced (Credit: Cadbury)

And two lucky winners who got the answer right are set to win prizes worth £5000.

But what flavour are the Cadbury mystery bars? Well, the chocolate brand has now finally revealed all.

Cadbury’s mystery bar one

In the end, Cadbury mystery bar one was flavoured to taste like rhubarb and custard, in honour of the classic sweet.

Whilst several people got the answer right, others thought it tasted like pear drops or even Turkish delight, apple crumble and Bakewell slice.

Others submitted rosewater for their mystery bar one guesses, and there was even a suggestion that it could be flavoured like pink chocolate mice.

cadbury mystery bar one flavour

Cadbury’s mystery bar one flavour is rhubarb and custard (Credit: Cadbury)

Cadbury’s mystery bar two

Cadbury’s mystery bar two was a quirkier choice. The chocolate brand chose to flavour the bar like a blue raspberry slushie.

It seems a common theme for both bars was childhood nostalgia…

A lot of people got this one at least partially right, noting the blue berry flavour throughout. There were guesses for blueberry muffin and black forest gateau

However, some were way off, with a few even suggesting it was strawberry cheesecake, bubblegum and knickerbocker glory flavour. We guess they’re all… sweet?

cadbury mystery bar 2

Cadbury Mystery Bar two is blue raspberry slushie (Credit: Cadbury)

How do you win the Cadbury mystery bar prize?

The Cadbury mystery bar competition was entered by 300,000 people, and of those 6,861 guessed the flavours of the two bars right.

The most submissions came from London locals, whilst Birmingham and Manchester residents came in second place, also eager to get to the bottom of the enigma.

People were allowed to submit multiple guesses, sending in a new answer per day. The catch was they had to buy a new bar each time they wanted to make a guess. Savvy, eh?

All the correct answers were then entered into a prize draw and from that, two winners will soon be chosen. So, if you guessed either of the above flavours, keep an eye out.

Pippa Rodgers, Cadbury’s brand manager, said: “We have been blown away by the widespread excitement and conversation around the Cadbury mystery bars competition.

“It has been difficult trying to keep the flavours under wraps over the summer, so we are delighted to be revealing the flavours to the nation and can’t wait to hear how excited our two lucky prize winners are!”