You can now get iced latte flavoured Twirl chocolate bars and they sound amazing

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We love a Cadbury Twirl... who doesn't?

But do you know what's better than a Twirl chocolate bar? One infused with coffee, that's what!

Yup, you can now get your hands on an iced latte flavoured Twirl, and it might be the best thing to happen... well, ever.

The snack was shared on food blog, New Foods UK, who tried the bar for themselves.

They told followers: "[The] coffee smell hits you straight away and it's even stronger in taste."

Oooft, sign us up.

Reacting to the news, it's fair to say we weren't the only ones who were excited.

"I neeeeed to find one," chimed in one person immediately.

While another wrote: "Stop," with a love-heart eyed emoji.

"Omg I literally only said on Friday having had a coffee and a twirl that [they] should make coffee their new flavour!!! I need this," said a third.

"These are so good," said someone else.

iced latte cadbury twirlIced latte infused Twirl chocolate bars are a thing, people (Credit: Getty)

Unfortunately for anyone lusting after these in the UK, they aren't in supermarkets yet.

New Foods UK got theirs from international shipping website, World Snacks UK (although, it's sadly sold out ATM).

Other websites like Candy Mail UK and King's Candy also sell the bar, although they pop in and out of stock regularly.

The chocolate bar originally came from Down Under, where it is a fan fave.

Iced latte isn't the only unique Twirl flavour sold globally.

You can also order a Honeycomb Sundae flavour, which sounds pretty unbelievable to us.

iced latte cadbury twirl honey comb sundaeTwirl has a Honeycomb sundae flavour too (Credit: Cadbury)

This comes with (you guessed it) honeycomb flavoured swirls inside, which are coated in your classic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate coating.

This one is also from Australia, which proves that Aussies get all the good chocolate bars in life.

Who knows, maybe if we all hype both of these up enough, Cadbury will bring them over here officially?

We can dream, eh?

Featured image: Getty/ NewFoodsuk