This UK döner shop is selling camel meat kebabs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever tried camel meat? Well, now you can, as a UK döner chain is offering up camel kebabs for a limited time only.

In celebration of its first overseas store opening in Dubai, UAE, I am Döner is serving UK punters the camel kebabs throughout May, across all three of its branches.

The slow cooked and spiced camel rump will be served with basmati rice, vegetables and garlic mayo, and will be cooked in Middle Eastern seasoning.

There’s a catch, too – it’s only available on Wednesday (because it’s hump day, duh!)

camel kebab i am doner

Camel kebab, anyone? (Credit: I Am Doner)

It might not be something we’re used to here, but camel meat is an Emirati delicacy, typically enjoyed on special occasions in some parts of the Middle East.

Nutritionally, it’s also better for you than beef or lamb, because of its low levels of intramuscular fat, low cholesterol and high iron content.

The chain has worked to make the camel meat kebab as tasty as possible, by enlisting a local food influencer to help with the recipe.

camel kebab i am doner

Camel meat is eaten in some parts of the Middle East (Credit: Alamy)

I am Döner’s founder, Paul Baron, said: “Having had so much interest in our other unconventional specials over the years, it was clear we needed to do something extra special to celebrate this big milestone in our development.

“On our recent trips to the desert, we were very inspired to find a way to bring camel to the menu here in the UK.

“We’ll have to wait and see whether it will be our best idea yet, or just the effects of dehydration and too much sun!”

Founded in 2016, I am Döner has made headlines over the years for creating kebabs unfamiliar to the western palate.

I am Doner also previously created a reindeer kebab (Credit: I Am Doner)

One Christmas, they launched reindeer kebabs, which surprisingly went down a treat with shoppers.

There are branches of I am Döner in Headingly, Harrogate and Leeds City Centre.

So, what do you think, fancy tucking into some camel?