Cheetos launches a duster so you can grind them over your dinner

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If you’re the kind of person who sprinkles your Cheetos on every meal, from mac ‘n’ cheese to a chicken breast, then we’ve got some exciting news for you.

The brand has only gone and released a tool called a Cheetos Duster, which allows you to grind the snack into a cheesy dust and sprinkle straight onto your food.

Yup, your dining room table could house a salt grinder, a pepper grinder and a Cheetos grinder. It’s the appliance you never knew you needed!

cheetos duster

Behold the Cheetos Duster (Credit: Cheetos)

The Cheetos Duster is an amazing way to transfer the flavour of the cheesy crisps onto just about anything you want.

It has a miniature blade inside it which whizzes up the snack into – you guessed it – dust (or Cheetle, as the brand has dubbed it).

Cheetos recommend fill the jar with any Cheetos of your choice, then simply screwing in the base, and press the button to blend. “From there, dust Cheetle on all your favourite foods to bring an unexpected cheesy bite to any dish and wow your guests this holiday season,” they say.

“Cheetle can be mixed in with breadcrumbs, added to spice mixes, sprinkled on as a garnish, and so much more!”

cheetos duster

Cheetos suggest sprinkling the dust on your food (Credit: Cheetos)

Sure, if we’re being honest, the device is nothing more than a mini blender, but we simply must have one, either way.

Currently, the one-of-a-kind product is only available in the States, and will set customers back $19.99 (£16.53).

“From Cheetos-coated mozzarella sticks and Flamin’ Hot Turkey Legs to Cheetos-rimmed cocktails and even Cheetos-dusted ice cream, fans have incorporated Cheetle into recipes to elevate dishes to epic proportions,” the brand says of its new offering.

“Now, Cheetos has decided to level up the process and introduce a new fun and easier way to achieve cheesy goodness!”

You can buy the appliance on – but be quick, it’s said to be limited edition, and we predict it won’t be around for long…